Transition Years - 6 & 7

At Ʒ we see Year 6 and Year 7 as the progressive steps that support the transition of our young people from primary into secondary school.

The shift from primary school to secondary school is recognised as a crucial phase in the social and emotional development of students. This transition brings about swift changes for children, marked by increased expectations and a distinct environment where independence, maturity, and organisation are paramount.

Stepping into secondary school can be an intimidating experience, particularly when encountering timetables, navigating expansive campuses, coping with heightened homework demands, and mastering independence and organisation skills for the first time.

A well-thought-out and coordinated approach to guiding students through the transition from primary to secondary school during Years 6 and 7 can significantly impact a child's achievement, engagement, and overall well-being. By gradually acquainting our Year 6 and 7 students with the demands of secondary schooling, and cultivating the skills necessary for success in high school, we provide them with a solid foundation as they enter this pivotal phase of their education.

Our transition model

Our P - 12 College model allows us to provide an overarching structure that seeks to nurture the growth of our students in Year 6, as well as support them through established relationships and strengthening partnerships in Year 7.

  • Nurtures students while navigating change - new routines, different teachers, more room changes, books and materials, increased homework expectations.
  • Cultivates independence through a focus on organisational skills.
  • Provides students with a measure of greater autonomy, driving their motivation to be responsible for their learning.
  • Our Year 6 students are gradually introduced to Year 7 subjects via rotations of secondary school subjects throughout their final primary school year.
  • Moving into Year 7, students have the dedicated support of our Head of Year 7 who supports their transition in this space.
    Year 6


    Students access the curriculum at Year 6 standard, also allowing for enrichment to prepare for Year 7. In this year level, there is a focus on introductory electives:

    • Digital Technology
    • Music
    • Visual Art
    • STEM


    Year 6 students' timetable reflects a secondary approach, however they still attend Primary School assembly and chapel services.

    Pastoral Care

    In Year 6, the pastoral focuses are on leadership and teamwork with all students attending a 3-day camp that specifically focuses on building and strengthening these skills. Our Year 6 students are the leaders of the Primary School and as such, play an important role in mentoring the Year 5 students as up and coming leaders.

    Year 7


    In Year 7 students move into experiencing intermediate electives:

    • Drama
    • Food Technology
    • Industrial Technology & Design
    • Media Arts

    Over the two years of Year 6 and Year 7, students will experience all of the electives they will participate in once they move into Year 8.


    Our Year 7 students are welcomed into the Secondary School community by attending secondary assembly and chapel services; they become part of the House muster; and have the opportunity to participate in elective sport, e.g. Junior Secondary Sport (JSS).

    Pastoral Care

    In Year 7 the pastoral care focus is on identity, belonging, and personal development. All students attend a 3-day camp that specifically focuses on these attributes, and belongs to a dedicated year-level Home Group to support these areas of development.

    With Year 7 being one of our main intake years, limited positions are available. We encourage early application to avoid disappointment. An Enrolment Application is available to complete online. You may also contact our Enrolments team should you need to discuss your child's application.

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