PLC Showcase Talent at CIAF 2022

Year 10 students, Kenny, Cheyene, and Atlanta all recently created and showcased their incredible art in a fashion show held by the Cairns Indigenous Art Fair. Here’s the SQUAWK! An interview with these students was conducted by Year 11 student, Beatrice, about their experience and artistic process.

“CIAF is about giving to the next generation – giving them a platform to do something they would not normally have the chance to do. CIAF is not just about fashion but about the support of cultural performances and stories through that fashion.”
Bernie Singleton Artist and Designer
Q: What does CIAF mean to you?

For me, it means showcasing one of our greatest talents as first nations people... art. - Atlanta

Q: What inspired you to join CIAF?

I saw one of the grade 12s' fashion projects and it gave me the inspiration to design my own line of clothes! - Cheyene

Q: What was your best memory of CIAF?

My best memory was being able to see my screen-print on the shirts.- Kenny

Q: What is the most important aspect of creating your work?

The most important thing for me is putting your heart and soul and meaning into your work so that the audience doesn't just see you, but see your culture and background. - Atlanta

Q: What gets you in the headspace to create art?

Listening to music while I create. - Kenny

Q: Were there any unexpected turns to the CIAF experience?

One time, Ms Krystal printed Kenny's shirt upside down!! - Cheyene

Photo credit: Cairns Indigenous Art Fair

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